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Given the chance, you would want to spend all of your time at home. You won’t be affected the worsening traffic and you’ll also save a substantial amount of money in the process. Of course, this won’t be possible if the place you chose to live in doesn’t offer any kind of residential advantages. The same can’t be said when you make Citylights Gardens your home. With its wide range of amenities available, you’ll always have a good reason to stay at home.

It isn’t practical to visit the beach every weekend. Rather than lose a lot of your precious time and money, Citylights Gardens is offering you a better solution. Your stay here is more enjoyable, thanks to the presence of an outdoor swimming pool facility. You can head on over to this amenity and spend a whole day with your friends and family. Plus, there’s also a jacuzzi here if you prefer a more relaxing weekend experience. You’ll also be afforded with the use of several barbeque pits and poolside party facilities if you choose to have a party in this condominium development.

Committing to a healthier lifestyle isn’t just a dream. Your home in Citylights Gardens make this challenge a lot easier because you’ll be able to use a fitness gym and sauna here anytime you want. This facility contains various fitness machines and equipment to help you lose weight fast. In addition, there are basketball and tennis courts in this condominium building if you want a more active time staying fit. All of these facilities are available for your use any day of the week.

Every Filipino family will celebrate at least one special occasion per year. Instead of going far, you can hold your party within the premises of Citylights Gardens. This condominium development has a multi-purpose pavilion you can book for your special gathering. Whether it’s a wedding reception, a graduation party, or the baptism of your child, you can be confident in having the best time of your life here.

If you need a safe place to relax, you don’t need to go far. Citylights Gardens has several landscaped gardens you can visit any time of the day. All you need is a book or the company of a loved one and you’ll be able to forget all of your worries. In addition, there’s a roof deck that gives you a majestic view as well.

When you need to spend some time in prayer, this condominium development has you covered. Citylights Gardens has a chapel within its premises. You no longer need to suffer from traffic just to get to the nearest church because this amenity is so near you.

Whatever we do, kids will always be kids. Their best years of their lives shouldn’t be spent stuck inside the house. You can bring them to Citylights Gardens’ playground facility where they can enjoy to their heart’s desire. Plus, you won’t have to worry about their safety because there’s a 24-hour security system around to protect you and your family all the time.

You deserve a lifestyle that prioritizes your safety and convenience, If these things are important to you, there’s no other option than to get a unit in Citylights Gardens. Thanks to its wide range of amenities, your stay in this condominium development will be a memorable one.

  • Gym
  • Garden
  • Gazebo
  • Clubhouse
  • Tennis Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • 24-hour Security
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